About us

Mateo Design was founded in 2007 as a company which deals with processing different types of building materials. Оur main activity is modeling 3D models using CNC machine.

CNC(Computer Numerical Control) machine, is an essential tool, which plays vital role in shaping different decorative building elements, and nowadays it is irreplaceable in the machinery industry. Modern version of CNC machine has many existing parts as the old one - manually controlled machines. An important difference that makes this machine more popular than the others is the sophisticated system, numerical data and coordinates according to which it works independently, using previously made computer model.

By the help of this up to date machine, Mateo Design makes deep and shallow carvings using different types of building materials.

Applying marble and granite, we have built the monumental pillars of the Constitutional court and the Rotunda of love, which is located on Macedonia square. In addition, Mateo Design took part in the project ‘Philip II’, making reliefs for the monument of Philip II located in Avtokomanda , the fountains, part of the project ‘Philip II’, likewise in large number of private projects(houses, apartments).

In wood we have mould carvings for the needs of the ‘Uspenie na Presveta Bogorodica’ church, and for many other private projects.

Our company except works in marble, wood and glass, successfully manufactures reliefs of lightweight materials such as polystyrene, gypsum and polyurethane.

Besides the main activity, we also deal with manufacturing decorative elements, as a part of facade solutions. The facade of the new building of Agency for electronic communications was built by our company, as well as the facade of the Government, and currently we are performing the facade of the new building of Water supply and sanitation.

Besides our main duties, we also import Magnum boards, which are used for insulation of the facade systems. Magnum boards are also available for both, wholesale and retail.

Also, Mateo Design is an importer of entire production program of COMPAC Valencia, Spain- a company that produces tiles and boards of artificial marble and granite. This Spanish company specialized in production of facade, marble and granite tiles.

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